Waunakee Neighborhood Connection relies on the wonderful support and help from so many amazing volunteers and community partners!  We would like to thank each and every one of you for your continued support and efforts toward helping us fulfill our mission of ensuring each of our community members has access to needed daily resources.

In addition, we would like to offer further acknowledgement to the following individuals:

Julie Fix
Why am I involved in WNC?

Being able to capture and share the special moments within our community through photography is the ultimate reward as a photographer. I love being able to show the emotions and hard work behind each one of WNC’s clients and volunteers. Through photographs, one can see out community strengthen and come together for others.

Greiber Family
“Our Story” began when we (Greg & Jody) met while playing softball back in 1987. Fast forward 28 years, 2 kids, (Morgan & Adam) a dog, (Harley), 2 cats, (Spike and Reeses), and a mortgage later – and here we are!

Our lives are blessed with wonderful families, true friends, a successful business and many other people and things within our community. These blessings are what encourage us to give back to the community and especially to those less fortunate or in need – like the people who utilize the services of WNC. We believe in the goodness God has put in the hearts of all people and so we try to help others in any way that we can whenever we can.

We are so thankful and very grateful to be part of Waunakee and part of “The Story” that is WNC.

Jim Holden
I became involved with WNC to assist neighbors who are in need. Participating with the various WNC programs was certainly a very rewarding experience. To observe the appreciation of the beneficiaries to the various WNC programs is inspiring. The mission statement of this organization really does strengthen our community .The idea of dedicated individuals donating their time and providing basic necessities for the betterment of neighbors is wonderful.

Riley Miller and her friends babysat during parent/teacher conferences at Arboretum Elementary. These awesome sixth graders raised more than $200 for WNC!

Wendy Weisenbeck combined her love of scrapbooking and her love of community service to raise money for WNC. She said “we inspire her,” it’s truly just the opposite, Wendy!

Shannon and Ryan Jones and their family collaborated with WNC to help Lorraine, a local widow who needed help with her home care.  A team of volunteers all worked together on Memorial Day to landscape, paint and clean Lorraine’s home.

Thank you to Jeff Tews and Susan Rather from Crossroads Church who continue to serve our community by planting these beautiful flowers next to the bench made by Eagle Scout Jim Roberts out front of WNC. It is a wonderful place to stop and rest to remember two past volunteers who so graciously donated their time to serving others – Bob Ziegler and Judy Percy.

A Special Thank You also goes out to these supporters of WNC Programs!
– Pamper Mom Items
Wisconsin Management
– Garage Sale Space

Waunakee High School
Waunakee Middle School
Waunakee Intermediate School
Heritage Elementary
Arboretum Elementary
St. John’s School

– End of Year School Supplies

Arboretum Elementary
Fresh Vegetables

Intermediate School Students

– Weekly Volunteering
for 2015-16 School Year

Mrs. Chaimson’s 3rd Graders
– Mothers Day Cards

Waunakee Teachers Association
– Monthly Volunteering
for 2015-16 School Year

Girls on the Run
– Fun in the Sun Supplies

Madison Country Day School

– Fathers Day Cards

Village Mobil Day of Service

– Client Car Repairs

Weaver Auto Parts

– Van Repair

– Printing and Garage Sale

Suttle Straus
– Printing


We appreciate each and every one of you!! Thank you for all you do to support WNC and our awesome community!