As we approach winter and the holidays, it can be especially difficult for families financially – heating bills are starting to kick in, kids have extra projects at school, an unexpected medical need arises, or the general cost of living rises.
Your generosity will be a huge blessing to a family, relieving much of the burden by providing gifts they would not otherwise be able to afford. It will make a tremendous difference in the life of a grateful family right here in our community!
We invite individuals, families, organizations, and businesses to adopt a family this holiday season.
How it works:
1) Complete the online registration by Nov. 12 with your contact information and preferred family size. You may also contact WNC at (608)849-5740 or to register.
  • Choose a family size (1,2,3, 4, 5+) based upon your desired financial commitment (a general guideline is $100 per family member)
2) Once we receive your confirmed family size, we will contact a family and request the following information from each family member:
  • 3-4 needs – Examples include: Coats, winter apparel, clothing, pajamas, undergarments, pillows, bedding, towels, boots, kitchen items, personal toiletries
  • 1-2 wants – Examples include: DVDs, book, movie rentals, video game, gift card, toy
  • 1-2 need/want for the family as a whole – Examples include: gas card, laundry soap, toiletries, cleaning supplies, kitchen item
NOTE: We ask families to provide specific sizes, gender, and color to help you in selecting items
3) We will send the family’s needs/wants list to you
4) Purchase your gifts for the family
5) Wrap all packages
6) Label each package as per the list you receive…i.e. 12-year-old girl, mom,
4-year-old boy, etc.
7) Deliver your gifts to WNC no later than Monday, December 10th