Thanks to a generous grant from the Waunakee Community Foundation, the newest shipment of Lock Boxes is here!

If you have ordered your Free LockMed Lock Box, pickup will be on February 20th at WNC from 4-6pm. If you have not ordered a lock box yet but would like to preorder one, forms can be found online, at WNC, or at the Waunakee Library!

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WNC had a powerhouse group of students volunteering on Tuesday morning!

These hard-working Middle Schoolers got through several projects – from organizing supplies to testing and assembling donations to clearing the driveway of snow!

Thank you to Mr. Farnsworth and these awesome student volunteers!

If your class or organization would like to set up a group volunteering session, contact us at!

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Tech savvy with a mind for data? We could use you as a data entry volunteer! WNC has several areas of data entry we are looking for assistance with. Whether you are more comfortable with Excel or database work, we have projects for you! Email us at for more information!

Volunteers must be detail-oriented, experienced with sensitive information, and able to follow written directions. Training will be provided for database entry.

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“Just a Fixn'” is WNC’s Vehicle Program.

Many of us take for granted the importance of a reliable and safe vehicle. Each year WNC gives away several cars , which gives the ability to go to work, find a place to live, go to school and doctors appointments among many other things.


Think about driving around in a car with a hole in the muffler. There is a simple fix, but it can be an expense that is far down on the list of bills to pay.

What about a tire that has the cords showing? Not safe, but that extra $100 for a tire plus the extra service fee can mean less groceries, gas or rent money.

Not having heat or air conditioning can make health problems worse. Sometimes just a $10 part can fix this major problem.

That all-important oil change can keep a car running just a little bit longer.

This year, WNC is expanding it’s vehicle program to include repairs!

How can you help…

#1 – Donate a vehicle
It doesn’t have to be able to take a trip around the world and it doesn’t have to be brand new, the vehicle needs to be reliable and safe.

#2 – Donate Repair Services or Parts
Do you own a repair shop or parts store? Donate parts or services, or gift cards to perform the repair services.

#3 – Donate to the Vehicle Program Fund
Donate money to the fund. This gift could cover the registration/title cost of donated vehicles, or be applied towards the cost of a repair.

Neighbors need good working vehicles. By donating to this valuable program, you will help a neighbor stay connected to the community and move forward to a more sustainable life by maintaining their existing car in a safe and reliable running order.  If donating online through our PayPal option, please indicate “vehicle repair program” with your donation.

Thank you for your support of this important program!


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Did you happen to notice some fancifully shaved martial artists around town?

Eleven heroic men with follicular fortitude at Moh’s Martial Arts put their razors to rest for the month of November while students and families of Moh’s cast votes at $5 each for the beard styles each man should groom and sport proudly for the entire first week of December.

Together, they raised over $3,000 for WNC programs and services!

Thank you to all who participated in the MOHvember fundraiser!

We love your creativity and passion for supporting our community!

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Now that construction has wrapped up on Century Ave (yay!), we are excited for Nick Maxfield to start work on his Eagle Scout project updating the landscaping in front of WNC!

Between his GoFundMe and other donations, Nick is about 1/3 of the way to his goal and needs your help!

Donate online or by check (mailed to WNC – noting Nick Maxfield Eagle Scout Project in memo) and share his efforts with your friends.

Nick’s project will go a long way in ensuring our building is a welcoming presence for those in need, and we are so fortunate to be the recipients of his service!

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Genna Eaton founded Waunakee Neighborhood Connection (WNC) in 2004 with humble objectives. In the ensuing 13 years, these objectives progressively became more aggressive. Today she oversees an organization that includes a $1 million Capital Campaign leading to the acquisition of a 6500 sq ft permanent home at 208 S. Century Ave in Waunakee, now debt-free, with programs and services all in one location. Moreover, she has led the development of dozens of client programs and services and through collaborative efforts with area resources, assisted and empowered thousands of neighbors in need while providing hundreds of community members with volunteer opportunities.

Last year, Genna met with WNCs Board of Directors for future planning around long-term sustainability and growth. It was clear that more creative help was needed to assist in all the great growth that WNC has experienced. At that point, WNC embarked upon a succession planning process for the Executive Director position.

The result of this process? Jannina Killian will become WNC’s second Executive Director effective September 5th. To ensure continuity and a smooth transition, Genna will stay on as Community Development Director while also mentoring Jannina. Along with Project Coordinator Amy Sampson, WNC will have three full-time employees for the first time in history to take the organization into this exciting new phase.

Jannina started volunteering with WNC after moving to Waunakee in 2011, assisting with marketing support, general fundraising, chairing the fundraiser Moonlight Masquerade Mash, and volunteering in the sorting room as well as with her family for Christmas meal deliveries. Her commitment to WNC’s mission grew as she stepped into a Board role in July 2016. With both kids now school-age, she was looking to find a good fit to resume a career that included advertising, sales, media and strategic planning. Since becoming a stay-at-home Mom in 2011, Jannina also worked closely with the Junior League of Madison’s “All Dressed Up” program. Also, she was a charity runner benefitting the American Cancer Society, and very involved in the PTO at Arboretum Elementary.

“Jannina has the drive, energy, passion, and focus to take WNC to the next level”, Genna said. Board member Kari Davis added “Jannina has the business acumen the Board was seeking to achieve long-term sustainability and growth.”

When asked about the first order of business, Jannina talked about executing WNC’s upcoming events and initiatives, including the WNC Community Resource Fair (September 14), the Laundry Soap and Diaper Drive (September 16 – October 21) and the Moonlight Masquerade Mash (October 21).

Long term, the organization will advance its focus of Building a Stronger Community…One Story at a Time. “We have to continue to foster an awareness of who we truly are. WNC is much more than a free store that provides daily necessities. We also connect clients to area resources to provide comprehensive care and serve as an outlet for community members young and young-at-heart to plug in and volunteer to gain leadership skills,” Jannina said. To do this, her goal is to build upon client education programs, proactive engagement with new community members, advance WNCs sustainability portfolio and leverage Genna’s new role for enhanced business community outreach while pursuing grant opportunities.

To get involved with WNC email or check out their website at

By Jeff Statz, WNC Board Member

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We are excited to announce WNC’s Student Team Leaders for the 2017-2018 School Year!

President: Alesha Steuart; Vice President: Grace Branchaw; Secretary: Olivia Avery; Activities Coordinator: Jenya Christensen!

These students’ dedication to helping other and experience in leadership will be great additions to WNC, and we are excited for the passion and creativity they bring to these positions!

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In a recent promotion, Waunakee Community Bank donated $50 to a local charity whenever someone signed up for a new account. Eleven people picked WNC as their charity of choice, and we are so honored! Thank you to Waunakee Community Bank for supporting local organizations, and thank you to those 11 individuals for choosing WNC!

We look forward to working with WCB as we continue our partnership to Build a Stronger Community!

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This cookie season, Brownie Troop 2162 partnered with Lone Girl Brewing Company and had six cookie booths at the establishment in February. From the cookies that they sold, they donated 8 cases of cookies to their Cookie Share: WNC. Genna was presented with the cookies last Monday, March 27th at the Lone Girl! Thank you Troop 2162 for providing neighbors in need with these sweet treats!

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