WNC Christmas Meal & Holiday Programs

With your support, Waunakee Neighborhood Connection (WNC) will provide its annual holiday programs for families and seniors in the greater Waunakee area who are in need of assistance, particularly during this special season. Our Christmas meal, Adopt-a-Family, and Kids’ Shopping events help ensure that everyone in our community has a happy holiday. Your gift will also extend the warmth of the holiday season throughout the year with ongoing programs that provide clothing, household items, furniture, and support services that make it possible for neighbors in need to move from difficult times to thriving.

With a donation of $25, you can provide a family of 4-6 with the fixings for a wonderful meal including a ham, potatoes, green beans, fruit, gravy and pie. Larger gifts will support multiple    families with a Christmas meal and year-round programs that make Waunakee a stronger and   more connected community.

Donate online or mail your donation with this form.

To volunteer for an upcoming holiday program, visit our Volunteer page.

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As we approach winter and the holidays, it can be especially difficult for families financially – heating bills are starting to kick in, kids have extra projects at school, an unexpected medical need arises, or the general cost of living rises.
Your generosity will be a huge blessing to a family, relieving much of the burden by providing gifts they would not otherwise be able to afford. It will make a tremendous difference in the life of a grateful family right here in our community!
We invite individuals, families, organizations, and businesses to adopt a family this holiday season.
How it works:
1) Complete the online registration by Nov. 12 with your contact information and preferred family size. You may also contact WNC at (608)849-5740 or wncteam@waunakeenc.com to register.
  • Choose a family size (1,2,3, 4, 5+) based upon your desired financial commitment (a general guideline is $100 per family member)
2) Once we receive your confirmed family size, we will contact a family and request the following information from each family member:
  • 3-4 needs – Examples include: Coats, winter apparel, clothing, pajamas, undergarments, pillows, bedding, towels, boots, kitchen items, personal toiletries
  • 1-2 wants – Examples include: DVDs, book, movie rentals, video game, gift card, toy
  • 1-2 need/want for the family as a whole – Examples include: gas card, laundry soap, toiletries, cleaning supplies, kitchen item
NOTE: We ask families to provide specific sizes, gender, and color to help you in selecting items
3) We will send the family’s needs/wants list to you
4) Purchase your gifts for the family
5) Wrap all packages
6) Label each package as per the list you receive…i.e. 12-year-old girl, mom,
4-year-old boy, etc.
7) Deliver your gifts to WNC no later than Monday, December 10th

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The WNC Board of Directors is pleased to announce and introduce our new executive director, Lisa Humenik. Lisa started at the beginning of August and is busy learning about our programs, services, processes, partnerships, volunteers, and donors.
Lisa comes to us with 25+ years of experience working in the nonprofit sector. She jokes that while her husband got the career ladder, which took their family to a number of cities around the country, she got the career jungle gym. This interesting and varied path has allowed her to acclimate quickly to new communities and settings, create connections and partnerships, and gain a wealth of skills and knowledge that she applies to making organizations sustainable and impactful. She is excited about working collaboratively with the board, staff, volunteers, and Waunakee community to build upon WNC’s already strong foundation of success.
Lisa has a bachelor’s degree in secondary education from Eastern Illinois University and a master’s degree in public administration with a concentration in nonprofit management and leadership. She has served as the CEO of the Volunteer Center of Southern Arizona; as executive director of a K-12 public school foundation, community gardening organization, and a school-based mentoring program; and as director of volunteer services for hospitals and hospice programs. Most recently, she has been consulting for nonprofit organizations and government agencies in the areas of strategic planning, board development, and volunteer engagement. In her free time, she volunteers for a variety of organizations including the United Way of Dane County, Sigma Kappa Foundation, and the Nakoma League.
Lisa’s husband, John, is the publisher of the Wisconsin State Journal and vice president of news for its parent company, Lee Enterprises. They have two adult children, Brian and Lauren, who live and work in Cincinnati.

If you’ve not yet met Lisa, please be sure to stop in and say hello! Watch for information about an open house in September that will be a more formal welcome to Lisa and recognition for all of our amazing volunteers.

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Did you know? WNC has given away 17 vehicles to families in need!

These vehicles have made a world of difference to families looking to stay mobile, but donating your used vehicle isn’t the only way you can make a difference for a neighbor!

Whether unexpected brake issues leave a family vehicle unsafe or a sudden accident leaves a neighbor unable to get to work, auto repair bills can throw an already-tight budget off track. WNC collaborates with our partners Weaver Auto Parts, Village Mobil, DCAR, and Collision Masters to fix these issues to ensure our neighbors have reliable transportation – but your support makes it happen!

Donate today and designate “WNC Vehicle Program” for your gift!

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Last month, Farmland Fitness held their big Friday Night Lights event series to raise money for WNC programs and services!

Each Friday for five weeks, Farmland held their high-energy, in-house competition complete with DJ, raffle prizes, and cheering supporters.  In addition to their Friday celebrations, Farmland Fitness partnered with The Lone Girl Brewing Company for their St. Paddy’s Day Hangover Brunch, and The Lone Girl donated a portion of their proceeds from that day to WNC!

Taylor and Kory came by on National High-Five Day to drop off the check, so we just had to celebrate both occasions! Thank you to the Farmland community and The Lone Girl for supporting WNC- these athletes take Building a Stronger Community to a new level!

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In 2017, our Build a Bed program raised enough money to gift 25 new beds to families in need!

A new bed makes an incredible difference in the lives of these families, whether it is replacing a worn-down mattress or providing an alternative to sleeping on a couch or even the floor.

A grateful recipient of one bed wrote how much her life has improved, saying, “Now I wake up NOT in so much scoliosis pain in my back and neck. Having a bed really makes my home feel complete.”

Thank you to our generous Build a Bed donors for giving the gift of a good night’s sleep – Steve Stricker American Family Insurance Foundation, Heritage Elementary PTO, and Neighbors (NH&RH, ET, WH, RC&RR) – and to Waunakee Furniture for partnering with us to provide and deliver these beds!

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“Just a Fixn'” is WNC’s Vehicle Program.

Many of us take for granted the importance of a reliable and safe vehicle. Each year WNC gives away several cars , which gives the ability to go to work, find a place to live, go to school and doctors appointments among many other things.


Think about driving around in a car with a hole in the muffler. There is a simple fix, but it can be an expense that is far down on the list of bills to pay.

What about a tire that has the cords showing? Not safe, but that extra $100 for a tire plus the extra service fee can mean less groceries, gas or rent money.

Not having heat or air conditioning can make health problems worse. Sometimes just a $10 part can fix this major problem.

That all-important oil change can keep a car running just a little bit longer.

This year, WNC is expanding it’s vehicle program to include repairs!

How can you help…

#1 – Donate a vehicle
It doesn’t have to be able to take a trip around the world and it doesn’t have to be brand new, the vehicle needs to be reliable and safe.

#2 – Donate Repair Services or Parts
Do you own a repair shop or parts store? Donate parts or services, or gift cards to perform the repair services.

#3 – Donate to the Vehicle Program Fund
Donate money to the fund. This gift could cover the registration/title cost of donated vehicles, or be applied towards the cost of a repair.

Neighbors need good working vehicles. By donating to this valuable program, you will help a neighbor stay connected to the community and move forward to a more sustainable life by maintaining their existing car in a safe and reliable running order.  If donating online through our PayPal option, please indicate “vehicle repair program” with your donation.

Thank you for your support of this important program!


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Did you happen to notice some fancifully shaved martial artists around town?

Eleven heroic men with follicular fortitude at Moh’s Martial Arts put their razors to rest for the month of November while students and families of Moh’s cast votes at $5 each for the beard styles each man should groom and sport proudly for the entire first week of December.

Together, they raised over $3,000 for WNC programs and services!

Thank you to all who participated in the MOHvember fundraiser!

We love your creativity and passion for supporting our community!

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In February, instead of getting presents at his birthday party, WNC friend Drew asked for money to help families in need!

Drew and his friends brought in a very generous donation for WNC! Thank you to Drew and all of his party guests – we love seeing such enthusiastic, selfless support from our community for our community!

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Earlier this month, WNC friend Colin celebrated his 6th Birthday by holding a donation drive at his party! Colin and his friends generously donated this tower of toiletries to WNC that will go a long way in helping their neighbors.

A huge thank you to Colin and guests!

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