Partner Related Events

Create a Social Event

Are you a person or business who loves to plan parties and host social gatherings with lots of attendees? If so, put that party passion to great use! WNC is always looking for partners to assist us with creating fun and exciting new fundraising events! We welcome the chance to work with you to discuss your creative ideas and have your assistance with planning a large, fun-­filled, revenue generating events for WNC.  Here are some ideas we have had to get the party started. We look forward to hearing from you about your ideas so we can add future WNC events to this list!

Social Event Ideas:

  • Karaoke Night
  • Casino/Poker Night
  • Galas and Themed Dinner Parties
  • Fashion Show
  • Battle of the Bands Contest
  • Wine and Chocolate Tasting Event

Create a WNC Fund Drive Event

Do you love to come up with innovative ideas and support your neighbors and local businesses whenever you can? If so, we would also love to brainstorm with you about creative fund drive possibilities to support WNC in our mission to provide daily necessities and services to all within our community.  Some drive events our community partners and volunteers have held for a WNC in the past include:

  • Coin jar change drives and penny drives at local businesses and schools
  • Community aluminum can drive collection
  • Bake sales at local schools and businesses
  • Raffle ticket and 50/50 ticket sales a local sporting events
  • Birthday party gift donations (in lieu of birthday presents, children have asked for laundry soap, toiletries, and other common household items to donate to WNC)
  • Local businesses donating a portion of daily sales to WNC
  • Car Wash with all proceeds going to WNC

During November 2017, Moh's Martial Arts men shaved their beards to raise hundreds of dollars for WNC! Talk about creativity!

Please contact us at (608) 849-­5740 to discuss your creative event ideas.  We would love to add your new social event or fundraising drive to our list soon!