What is Friday Night Lights? A Community-based Throw-down at Farmland Fitness – Every Friday beginning February 23rd through March 23rd!

What better way to kick off your weekend than joining Farmland Fitness in the excitement and experiencing the Farmland community at its finest. This is where hard training, sweat angels, callused hands, and mental toughness comes together in a competitive yet fun atmosphere. And here is the great part—-you help fuel the fire. You get to motivate….clapping, yelling, shouting, and woot-wooting is highly recommended!

There will be a DJ rocking the house there will be raffling door prizes…. apparel, protein, fish oil….great stuff! All Sponsorships are having 10% allocated to the WNC. Farmland will also donate 10% of all proceeds to go to our local Waunakee Neighborhood Connection, and MATCH all donations by Sponsors – which helps provide for families in need right here in Waunakee!

More information can be found on the event’s Facebook page here.