Frequently Asked Questions About Getting Help From WNC

Below are some of the most commonly asked questions by those who are seeking assistance from WNC.  If the answer to your question is not here, please contact us at (608) 849-5740 or email at and we will be happy to assist you.  If you are in need of immediate assistance outside of our operational hours, please call  United Way of Dane County at 2-1-1.  United Way has phone operators available 24 hours a day to assist you with your most pressing and immediate needs.

1) How do I access services from WNC?

To access services from WNC, individuals or families must either contact WNC to set up a registration appointment, or be referred to us by church groups, social workers, or other community organizations. Clients must also either live in the Waunakee School District which includes parts of the surrounding communities of Westport, Dane, Springfield, Vienna, Windsor, and Madison, or live in the Village of Dane.  Upon registering, clients may be asked to provide proof of residency.

2) How do I register for services?

Registering for our services and programs is simple. First, check our calendar to see if there is a registration date coming up soon.  If there is not, please call (608)849-5740 to schedule a registration appointment with us.  Our client and volunteer services manager will work with you to fill out a registration form which will provide us with your contact information as well as household member information. Once you are initially registered, WNC also has an annual client registration event held in the fall.  When you attend this event, you will establish continued registration for the next year of services from WNC.

3) When is the store open for shopping?

Clients may visit the WNC Store for the purpose of shopping during specific “Client Shopping Days.”  Please read the calendar on our website to find shopping days for the current month.

Items at the WNC Store that you can receive free of charge include: clothing, diapers, laundry soap, toys, books, bedding and other items we may have received from donors. You may shop at the WNC Store during open store hours each month.

4)   What if I need a large item or an item that is not currently available at the store?

We maintain a needs list for each client which includes items you need that are not at the store, such as furniture or appliances. Please ensure your needs list is updated each time you check-in at the WNC Store. You may write down any new needs on the back of your store form. If you receive a previously requested item or no longer need it, please update your needs list to reflect this change. This is important because we work diligently with our donors to find the items on your needs list.

We will contact you when an item from your needs list is obtained. When a WNC volunteer contacts you about receiving your needs list item, you must pick it up within one week. If we do not hear from you within one week, your item may no longer be available due to storage and space limitations at the store. Please do not forget to keep your contact information current with us – we do not want you to miss out on items you really need!

5) What should I do if I move?

It is critical that you keep your information current with WNC at all times. This allows us to be able to operate effectively when trying to serve you. Please contact us at (608) 849-5740 to let us know of any changes.  Also, during each shopping visit, please make sure to update any changes to your address or other household and contact information.

6) How often should I volunteer, and what volunteering opportunities are available?

You and your family members are welcome to volunteer at WNC as often as you are able.  Prior to volunteering, we ask that you attend a client volunteer orientation. Please contact Stacey Dudley, our client and volunteer services manager, at (608)849-5740 or to make arrangements to attend an orientation. A list of opportunities are then available for you and your family to sign up by clicking the volunteer button below or anywhere you see it on our website.