Programs and Eligibility

If you have an immediate need for services, please dial 2-1-1 to reach the United Way Contact Program. The United Way operators have immediate contact information for many organizations, including WNC.


WNC offers programs and services to help you with securing basic resources, such as clothing, household items, and information. We operate a household items and resource sharing facility, and allow shopping at no cost to our clients once per month. You do not need to meet any minimum salary requirements, nor go through any referral program. To register for our programs and services, a WNC volunteer will work with you to fill out a registration form which will provide us with your contact information as well as household member information.  We will use the information we collect to provide you with our quarterly newsletter and also to contact you when items from your needs list are available. Please note that we only serve those in the Waunakee School District and the Village of Dane.  Proof of Residency is required by submitting one of the following:

  1. Lease or Current Utility Bill (within 45 days)
  2. Photo ID – Not Expired


If you do not live within the Waunakee School District or Village of Dane, you may contact us for referrals to other organizations that can help, or contact United Way’s Referral Program by dialing 2-1-1. In addition to residency requirements, WNC does request households receiving services to have at least one family member volunteer a minimum of one hour each month. This is a wonderful way for you to give back to WNC for all the many programs which we provide to you throughout the year – including the free store!