Guardian Fund

Each of us has a story to tell of how we contribute to our families, to our community and to others.

What is your legacy?

You can forever touch the lives within your community by becoming a Guardian Fund contributor and including WNC as a beneficiary in your estate plan or will. When you name WNC as a beneficiary, you create a lasting relationship by sharing in our future, and leaving a legacy of hope and joy to your neighbors in need.

Becoming a Guardian Fund contributor is easy – just notify us when you name WNC as a beneficiary. Please know your information will be kept confidential and you will have the option to keep your Guardian Fund membership anonymous. We will  be pleased to honor your intentions through appropriate recognition.

Perhaps you have already included us in your estate planning or maybe you’re planning a bequest to WNC. If so, we sincerely thank you for your generosity and thoughtfulness. Your support will enable WNC to continue its mission to improve the lives of so many of our neighbors.

Look below to learn about other assets which may be used to make a Guardian Fund level contribution to WNC:

Gifts of Stocks

Stocks that have increased in value and are held for at least one year are the most popular asset used for a charitable contribution. Making a gift of securities to WNC offers you the chance to help our organization while realizing many important tax benefits for yourself.

Gifts of Savings Bonds

Savings bonds may be the nation’s most widely held appreciated assets, and most have likely stopped growing and are collecting dust, just waiting to be put to good use. A tax-wise use for your appreciated savings bonds is to support WNC, a local cause you care about!

Gifts of Life Insurance or Retirement Assets

This could be a wonderful way for you to support our work. By designating WNC as the beneficiary of your life insurance or retirement assets, you can enjoy some flexibility in your charitable giving as well as certain tax advantages. WNC will receive the specified asset upon your death. You also have the option of changing the eventual recipient throughout your life.

WNC is not able to give specific tax advice or direction.  Please consult your tax or financial advisor to develop the estate plan that best meets your needs.