With busy lives, it can be hard to find time to volunteer. However, the benefits of volunteering are enormous.

Children watch everything we do. By giving back to the community, you show them firsthand how volunteering makes a difference and how good it feels to help other people and enact change.

The most valuable skills you can bring to any volunteer effort are compassion, an open mind, a willingness to do whatever is needed, and a positive attitude.

Volunteering offers vital help to people in need, right here in our community.

- And the benefits can be even greater for you, the volunteer.

Why volunteer at WNC?

  • Creates a meaningful and energizing experience
  • Learn valuable job skills
  • Natural sense of accomplishment
  • Strengthens your ties to the community
  • Connects you to others
  • Provides a sense of purpose
  • Advance your career
  • Healthy for your mind and body
  • Brings fun and fulfillment to your life

As a volunteer, you commitment allows WNC to grow and better serve our community to Build a Stronger Community... One Story at a Time. Countless volunteer opportunities await your unique skill set - click on one of the links below, and we will match your goals and interests to directly impact your community! 

Colleen's Contemplations

"The other day I went to a meeting for WNC volunteers.  As we introduced ourselves we talked about what we do for WNC and how we arrived here. There was a common thread to the stories that night that really touched my heart. People talked about how unusual WNC was and how much it felt like family rather than a charity.  Genna and I sat chatting for a while after the meeting and took a little walk down memory lane. Our first location was the corner of Bob Blankenhagen’s office.  He’d received coat donations in big garbage sacks, but rarely had time to sort them, so that’s where we started. Sorting.  Then we found clothing racks so we could organize what we had and determine what we needed for people, and with those first e mail requests began this amazing relationship with Waunakee. How did we grow so big and keep that feeling of family?  I think it’s our attitude. It’s an attitude we’ve always had and always try to hold onto. 
“It’s an honor to be allowed to help people.  We try to remember that no one wants to need help, we all put aside pride for our families. ”
It really is a different sort of place. When new people come through the doors they expect judgement for needing to ask for help. They don’t expect us to care. They don’t expect us to work so hard to give them so much for free. The very first time we arranged for an interpreter for our Spanish families, I swear we ran out of tissues. All these people who had been coming in and silently smiling and helping whenever we were open, suddenly had a voice to thank us and I still can’t think about that day without tears. Our interpreter cried a lot that day too. We make a difference, not just because we give out stuff, but because we care enough to put in all the work it takes to provide a location no one has to be embarrassed being seen going to. The stuff we give out is clean and well cared for. And the people who help are there out of love. And you’d better believe there has been prayer spoken into every corner of that building. 
So what makes us different?  It’s the people, it’s the history, it’s the community, it’s the way we all connect, it’s the way we’ve grown together, like a family.
It’s the stories."

- Colleen Woerner