What’s Your Story?

We are beyond grateful for the time, energy, and HEART our incredible volunteers give to WNC every day! It absolutely takes a village to keep our programs running strong, our store stocked, and our neighbors well supported.

As you enter our beautiful new building, you will notice a focal wall on the left that pays tribute to just a few of these wonderful people who serve our community through WNC. Here we visually honor different volunteers a few times a year, sharing their stories with all of you. Julie Fix, The Greiber Family, and Jim Holden currently brighten this space.

Julie Fix

story-fix 2015 comp

The Greiber Family

 story-greiber 2015 comp

Jim Holden
story-holden 2015 c



In addition to the honored words of the volunteers displayed in our store, we would love for you to share your words and stories with us on our website.  To submit your story, please email it to us at wncteam@waunakeenc.com. We will frequently feature stories  selected from the submissions we receive.  Keep checking back to read about all of the wonderful ways your neighbors have connected with WNC to create a stronger, more united community!





Carol and Dave’s Story 

Carol Bleifield works closely with families on shopping night – her caring spirit is a testament to her willingness to do whatever is asked of her! Carol and her husband Dave, started at WNC by adopting a family 5 years ago and have been volunteering ever since. Dave helps with Bed Bath and Beyond pickups and was also the original engineer/architect for our current building project. We are fortunate to have two such wonderful people helping at WNC!