Student Team

WNC is so fortunate to have an enthusiastic and wonderfully talented team of student volunteers helping at every level of our organization. Our students have so much energy, creativity, and dedication, and they continually inspire and invigorate us to be the best that we can be in our work to support WNC’s mission.  

If you are a student who is interested in lending a hand to WNC, we would welcome the chance to talk with you about our student team opportunities.  You may also sign up for future events using the volunteer link located in the right sidebar of each webpage on this site. If you are a part of a club, team, or organization in or outside of school, consider getting involved as a group, as we would love to work with you and your peers to help your group become more involved in the community and to help us reach out to more people in need. If you have any additional questions about how you can get involved, please contact us at (608) 849-5740 or email at



Student Feature:  Vase Project  

We here at Waunakee Neighborhood Connection always have the utmost gratitude for donors, partners, and volunteers, but we are not always able to share our thanks with these important individuals and organizations in a material way. As a result, we took one person’s donation and turned it into a treasure for all the people we wanted to acknowledge. Sweet Pea Floral donated a large number of glass vases, which were then handed over to the student team. Drawing from the creative abilities of many different students, they hand-crafted dozens of beautiful vases to distribute to partners around the community. The students then packed the artful containers full of treats and delivered them to different businesses and individuals around the community.  You may notice these vases as you visit these different spots around town. Be sure to check back in later, as the team will be filling the vases with new items periodically.

Student Feature:  Winning Wednesdays  

Papa Murphy’s Pizza gives a portion of the sales each Wednesday in December to WNC.  The WNC Student Team provides the talent to make these pizzas.  Each Wednesday in December you will see the student team having fun and working together to support WNC Projects and Programs.



Student Feature:  YO! Open Mic Night  

This event was inspired and organized by a WNC Student Team Member.  These open mic nights during the summer gives community members and students time to show off their talents behind the mic.  It also raises funds for WNC Special Programs.


Student Feature:  

Horrible Holiday Sweater Shuffle  

Each year student team members take part in the Horrible Holiday Sweater Shuffle by creating teams with friends and family members.  For those members that don’t shuffle well, there are many volunteer positions that they help with.  Each student is welcome to use their time and talents.  Whether it be social media, leadership, website updates, or just coming up with new ideas, WNC needs you!


Student Feature:  Volunteer time at WNC  

There are many ways to volunteer and be a part of the WNC Student team.  Find out about way you can become part at:  Sign Up Genius

If you are a student who is interested in lending a hand to WNC, please contact us at (608) 849-5740 or email at