Waunakee Neighborhood Connection relies on the wonderful support from so many amazing volunteers and community partners!  We would like to thank each and every one of you for your part in improving the lives of our neighbors here in the community.

The Meester Family (Community Partner):
Our family has always felt a tug on our hearts for people less fortunate than ourselves and it is clear this is an important project to be involved in. It is truly our belief that “From everyone who has been given much, much will be demanded; and from the one who has been entrusted with much, much more will be asked.” (Luke 12:48). WNC is a blessing to many families in our community and we are thankful for all the residents of this little Village of Waunakee that give so much of themselves to others. It is truly inspiring.

Stacey Barmore (Volunteer):
As I've been involved with WNC over the years, I've realized just how important this organization is to our community. Not only do hundreds of our neighbors in need benefit from the many wonderful programs and services, but it’s also inspiring for all of us to see how people come together, dig in, and lend a helping hand over and over again. Seeing the genuine, heartfelt appreciation from recipients of these acts of kindness is truly heartwarming. I'm proud to be part of such a giving community and feel incredibly blessed and thankful that I'm able to help in some small way myself. It really does take a village!

Suttle-Straus Inc. (Business Partner):
The WNC commitment to care for those in need in the local community is a cause that we fully support at Suttle-Straus. We strongly believe in giving back to the greater Waunakee area and we are very proud to support the WNC mission.

Recognizing volunteers who make a difference!

In the past two years, Jan and Jackie Erlandson have established themselves as passionate and devoted volunteers at WNC! The husband-and-wife team serve as Store Department Leaders at WNC by keeping the housewares department and toy room freshly stocked and organized for families! They said "as a doctor and educator as well as church members, caring for others has always been a passion and life mission. WNC helps us continue this work."

When asked what they wish other people knew about WNC, Jan and Jackie replied, "We would like them to be more aware of the magnitude and extent of the support WNC provides struggling families in the Waunakee Community." With their dedication to community and willingness to serve, Jan and Jackie epitomize the heart of WNC!

Other Stories

Julie Fix (Community Partner):
Being able to capture and share the special moments within our community through photography is the ultimate reward as photographer. I love being able to show the emotions and hard work behind each one of WNC's clients and volunteers. Through photographs, one can see how our community is strengthened by coming together for others.

Jim Holden (Board of Director):
I became involved with WNC to assist neighbors who are in need. Participating with various WNC programs was certainly a very rewarding experience. To observe the appreciation of the beneficiaries to the various WNC programs is inspiring. The mission statement of this organization really does strengthen our community.

RG Heating and Air Conditioning (Business Partner):
Our lives are blessed with wonderful families, true friends, a successful business and many other people and things within our community. These blessings are what encourage us to give back to the community and especially to those less fortunate or in need - like the people who utilize the services of WNC.

Bob Ziegler (Volunteer Project Manager):

“I have always been a believer in helping people who need help. It is a comfort to know that the Waunakee community (through WNC) will benefit from my efforts.”

Bob led the way in our construction project for our new store.  Bob sadly passed away on August 7, 2014.  His presence is sorely missed, and he will forever be in our hearts at WNC.