WNC Open House to Honor Genna’s Legacy

Wednesday, May 16, 2018


Once upon a time, a woman saw a need.
She organized an effort which connected a community who embraced
a simple mission – to Serve Our Neighbors!
After 15 years of selflessly dedicating her efforts
to making a difference in thousands of peoples’ lives right here
in our community,
‘the mountains are calling and I (Genna) must go’.
While no formal education in the nonprofit world
(um, German and Political Science Major),
this energetic woman didn’t take no for an answer – for anything – EVER!
As such, dozens of awesome needs based programs and services were created and executed – all of which are FREE to people in need.
Genna maintains ‘We are a Stuffed Out America!’
and we should share with each other – simple concept, right?!
And as far as plugging in as a volunteer, well, it’s pretty hard
(just about impossible)
to say no to someone so passionate and committed.
– isn’t that hook, line and sinker, but in a really good way!
To the tune of engaging hundreds of volunteers and thousands of hours each year!
She actively sought out and fostered partnerships with businesses, schools, individuals and organizations – again, all with the intention of fulfilling their goals as well as those of WNC!
Bonita, as she is affectionately called, is honored to be part of a big family of those who have met with some trying times. And after all, as she always says, ‘We all have needs – just various levels of needs.’
Genna spearheaded a $1,000,000 Capital Campaign which resulted in a permanent, debt free, sustainable organization for years to come – WOW, what a legacy!